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Solid Ground Denver

Solid Ground Denver is an educational, vocational, & advocacy organization dedicated to helping parents & young adults access resources. We provide a variety of professional services including instruction and internships. 

Mission: (What do we do) Solid Ground Denver is a Deaf gifted/neurodiverse family-based grassroots organization that facilitates the collaboration between students, teachers, understudies, and career experts to provide individualized work study opportunities for every individual.


Vision: (Looking toward the future) Transforming education and professional development based on the unique needs of each individual while empowering personal success through individualized accommodations that provide them with effective access.


Purpose: (The why) Providing access to evidence-based and person centered services to empower all individuals to succeed in their personal, academic, vocational, and professional goals.

 Partnered with Grow Local Colorado, Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado and Safe N Clear masks.

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