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Club Foundation Rep. Larry Brown

Today our Club Foundation Representative Larry Brown will be speaking. Please see his outline below for more information about Optimist International Foundation:


Optimist International (OI) Foundation Programs

It is easy to get to the OI website and learn more about the Optimist International Foundation Programs.

2. Click on Foundations

3. Click on Individuals

4. You will find the following foundation programs. Click on each one to learn more about these programs.

- Dime a Day

- Friends of Today

- Benefactors

- Women’s Philanthropy Council

- Presidents Club

- Christian D. Larson

- William H. Harrison Society

5. The Dime-A- Day level is reached by a contribution of $36.50 to the Foundation within one Optimist Year and is recognized by the presentation of a pin.

6. A Friend of Today makes a minimum unrestricted donation of $500 annually to the Foundation. Donors will receive a plaque featuring art designed by local St. Louis artist Greg McNair.

7. Benefactors (Life Time Recognition Levels)

Lifetime Recognition Levels: Clubs receive Banner Emblems for each level reached, Benefactor $1,000 Honored Benefactor $2,500 Distinguished Benefactor $5,000 Eminent Benefactor $10,000 Bronze Benefactor $15,000 Silver Benefactor $25,000 Golden Benefactor $50,000 Diamond Benefactor $75,000 Copper Benefactor $100,000 Pearl Benefactor $250,000 Sterling Benefactor $500,000 Platinum Benefactor $ 1,000,000

8. The Women’s Philanthropy Council (WPC) was formed in 2005 to support the work of the Optimist International Foundation. Members reach out to women as donors and assist in shaping their philanthropy. Research shows that women tend to give where they believe they make a difference with their gift regardless of the amount of the gift.$100.00 membership.

9. The President’s Club is a giving level that recognizes Optimists who are truly committed to the mission of the Foundation and its work to support Optimist International. By becoming a member of the Presidents Club, you are doing much more than giving a gift to change a child’s life; you are making a statement that you are dedicated to the future of Optimism. $250.00 membership and recognized with a Presidents pin. This is a $250.00 annual membership.

10. Christian D. Larson Partners One of the highest honors we can give to a generous supporter of the Foundation is the honor of becoming part of an exclusive group of donors known as the Christian D. Larson Partners. Named after the author of ‘The Optimist Creed’, this giving level was adopted to recognize donors who contribute a one-time $1,000 unrestricted gift. Participants who become members of the Christian D. Larson Partners join an elite group of individuals dedicated to following the Creed, and to helping fund the Foundation’s mission through their personal giving. 

11. William H. Harrison Society the Optimist International Foundations introduced the William H. Harrison Society in 2001. The organization is named after the first Optimist International President, William H. Harrison, whose drive and determination helped propel Optimist International into a premier service organization. The Foundations’ Boards of Directors created this Society as a special way to recognize the Major Donors of the Foundations. 

To become a Member of the Society, life-to-date giving to the Optimist  International Foundations must be $10,000 or more. Annual contributions of $1,000 are required to maintain Membership in the Society.


There are a variety of foundations that you can be part of. The main foundations are the Dime-A-Day, Women’s Philanthropy Council and the President’s Club.

I am sure that each of us can support Dime-A-Day. With just one dime a day you can become part of a movement of “Helping Optimists Help Kids” and become a large group of Foundation supporters who realize what a difference they make every day in the lives of children.

For more information, please contact Larry Brown, JVVOC Foundation Representative at or Cell: (719) 502-0752



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